Interview: Genus Ordinis Dei

Italy’s symphonic death metal masters, Genus Ordinis Dei, have unleashed a brand new single to the Universe called The Entropic Queen. The follow up to their ground-breaking critically acclaimed full-length album and metal music video series Glare of Deliverance.

The Entropic Queen was recorded during the after-effects of the band’s infection with the Covid-19 virus and tells a story about the pandemic but from the perspective of the virus. It is represented as an entropic queen who (invaded by the continuous expansion of man) reacts and responds to the attack with her army of spike-carrying soldiers. The whole song is a great allegory that narrates the attack on the cell by the virus as if it were the assault of a castle.

Meet The Entropic Queen.

Pretty Vacant One was very fortunate to talk to Tommy (guitars) from Genus Ordinis Dei about The Entropic Queen.

PVO: What did you as a band learn (or take away) from writing and recording “The Entropic Queen”?

TOMMY: We wrote, composed and recorded “The Entropic Queen” in a very delicate and difficult moment. The covid situation in Italy was really heavy and Nick, our singer, had been sick for a month now. Only in that period did we understand how bad it is to be deprived of one’s freedoms and it became automatic to want to talk about these feelings of isolation, conflict and fear. Writing this song helped us to better understand these dynamics, these fears. It was a useful artistic journey to overcome all this.

PVO: What would like fans to take way with them after hearing “The Entropic Queen”?

TOMMY: The song is an allegory that tells of an assent to a castle, a rotten castle in ruins (human body). The story takes place between the halls and rooms of this fortress that falls apart (the respiratory system). The castle is invaded by an entropic army ruled by its reproductive queen (the virus). The sub-text of the song tells of how unhealthy it is to deface and invade too much the borders of our world. We are not the only ones to step on the soil of the earth and we must realize it. We hope this song can make you think a little more about this important situation. A situation that among other things has greatly penalized the world of music and art.

PVO: What does 2022 have in store for Genus Ordinis Dei and their fans?

TOMMY: 2022 will be a year of relaunch and innovation for Genus Ordinis Dei. After two years of pandemic and lockdown we will return to the stages live and above all it will be the year that will see our new Opera born. A new amazing journey that will follow in the footsteps of Glare of Deliverance and then explode into something even greater. For the moment everything is still top secret so stay tuned and stay METAL!

Watch the The Entropic Queen video or listen below:
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Photo: Mattia Gianelli