Track by Track: Conspiranoid by Primus

The ultimate funk alternative metal masters, Primus, have unleashed their rocking 3 song EP, Conspiranoid to the masses.

And those with a brain will immediately see the themes of Conspiranoid relate to the a slew of conspiracy theories and misinformation while criticising and satirising a lot if not most of the USA’s far-right conspiracy theories.

Let’s jump in track by track:

Conspiranoia – the longest song to date by the band, clocks in at 11 and half minutes and is an epic musical thing of beauty. Filled with plunging bass lines, heart pounding drums, and riveting guitars, this song is quintessential Primus, and that’s before the lyrics are added into the mix. The lyrics articulate the absurdity of a litany conspiracy theories from flat earth, COVID-19, Bill Gates, chem trails, and more. My favourite lyrics from the song is this line: “You can guide a fool towards logic but you’ll rarely make him think.” The video (below) was created by vocalist and bassist, Les Claypool‘s son, Cage Claypool.

Follow the Fool – as a bass lover, the bass in Primus songs is one of the many reasons I am fan, and the bass in this song just hits my bass loving heart. There’s nothing flashy or overly complicated about the song. Just great beats, funky bass, and electrifying guitars.

Erin on the Side of Caution – perfection. From bass to drum to guitars. As a Primus fan, song is perfect. There’s not one thing I dislike about the song and it reminds me of one of my favourite songs by the band, “My Name is Mud”. It’s just a great fucking track. Funky. Fun. Primus.

FAVOURITE TRACK: “Erin on the Side of Caution”

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “Conspiranoia”


Artwork Credit: Primus