Watch: Angst by Rammstein

Rammstein‘s 3rd video from Zeit was directed by Robert Gwisdek, who also directed the video for “Zeit“.

Without the video, “Angst (Fear)” is an intense song. Add the visual effects of the video and the song is even more intense.

While the song relates to the the bogeyman of Germanic folklore, I feel the video pivots from folklore and into current times. What I interpret from the video is humankind consuming whatever the media and the internet shoves into our face as gospel. We digest it, feed on it, and turn into it.

Case in point, the 60’s cookie cutter Rammstein dads go from friendly neighbours to enemies with privacy walls, barbed wire fencing, and toting guns after consuming media. It is a real life take on how some people live now.

Once kind, now fear ridden.

The video for “Angst” is a powerful message and one that I hope many will see.

Watch the video below for “Angst” below.

Image credits: Rammstein YouTube