Watch: Expert of Nothing by American Anymen

The second single from American Anymen‘s forthcoming album, Cities Changing Names (June 10), is in short a banger.

The band’s video for “Expert of Nothing” was directed by Brett Sullivan and Brett says this of the song:  

This song is about all the people that are running the country. More and more it seems to me that public service is attracting degenerate minds. Corrupt people are attracted to the attention and money that comes with being a senator, congressperson, or judge. Legitimate credentials in specified fields are being replaced with how popular you are, or how outrageous you can be on social media. These people have never-ending opinions on very important matters and expertise on nothing.

What I really like about this video is that it allows the fans to visually see the skills and talent of American Anymen on their instruments. It shows the band is a far cry from being experts at nothing. (Ok, bad joke). While fans can often hear the talent and see it live if they catch a show, to see them in a raw and intimate setting is a treat.

Watch “Expert of Nothing” below and stay tuned for our interview Brett and review of Cities Changing Names.

Photo Credit: Eclipse Records/American Anymen