🔥Track: Recreant by Will Ramos & Nik Nocturnal 

I am completely fascinated by the vocal prowess of Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos.

Watching his interviews and seeing him on his Instagram, the high spirited young man’s speaking voice is a far cry from what he does with Lorna Shore.

I’m completely blow away by what he can do with this voice. His vocal talent is absolutely amazing.

Will teamed with with Nik Nocturnal to cover Chelsea Grin‘s “Recreant” and it’s an absolute face melter.

Will said this of the collaboration,

It’s an ode to our youth! We put a lot of love into this one and we think it came out fucking sick. Big shout out to the OG’s in the community that got us into deathcore when we were young. With all that being said, I hope you enjoy our cover of “Recreant” by Chelsea Grin!

Turn the volume to 11 and be prepared to be blown away by this cover of “Recreant”.

Photo Credit: Will Ramos Twitter