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This is a double whammy review featuring the latest single, “If I was Your Lover” from Kip Moore and his late June release “Fire on Wheels”.

For both tracks, Kip teamed up with The Cadillac Three‘s Jaren Johnston and Jaren’s touch can be heard through out from lyrics to production style and both tracks are insanely catchy and infectious.

“Fire on Wheels”: this song basically kept me sane through out July. Written with Jaren, I feel this song could represent the fun side of their friendship. The song just shines of fun and good times. It’s an absolute jam and I immediately fell in love with song as soon as the bass kicked in. While I’ve always though of Kip as more a rocker than country, this song perfectly captures that rocker essence I get from him. This song is a must for any road trip and a perfect summer time song. It’s a fun, steering wheel pounding, sing-a-long jam. If this song is any indication of what Kip and Jaren have been working on, his new album is going to be lit.

4 out of 5 rock hands:🤘🤘🤘🤘

“If I was Your Lover”: I made the mistake of watching the video first instead of listening to the song first. The video is a pleasant presentation but I feel that it fails the song. But I digress, I’m here for the song, not the video. Written with Matt Bubel, this song is surely to become a fan favourite live. There’s something about the beat of the drum and the keys that gives me crazy mad 70s and early 80s music vibes that liken to Chicago and Doobie Brothers. The song also showcases the softer side of Kip’s voice.

3 out of 5 rock hands:🤘🤘🤘

Watch “Fire on Wheels” and “If I was Your Lover” below

Photo credit: Kip Moore Facebook