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Hailing from Canterbury (UK), Dohny Jep formed in early 2019, writing and recording their debut album L.U.S.T in their home studio. The band’s plans were thwarted, as many artists were, when the pandemic hit in 2020. Instead of letting the pandemic halt them in their tracks, the band put out four EPs through 2021 and those combined to release their self titled album in January of 2022.

Now, as the end of 2022 nears, Dohny Jep gives fans more with their latest single, “Wine and Dine”. Produced by Rhys May (Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps, Enter Shikari, Don Broco) the song is a slam dunk win for the trio.

“Wine and Dine” with its B-Side “You Know It” were released on 26-August and vocalist and bassist, Pete Herbet says this of the song:

‘Wine and Dine’ in its purest form is about love. It’s about those first moments of meeting someone new and the adventures that you are about to go on together, but also those first moments of conflict and how you pull together to get through those harder moments.

Often I when I hear music, I’m reminded of other songs or artists, and with “Wine and Dine” and Dohny Jep I couldn’t pinpoint sounds or influences of the band. I know the band has influences and probably will remind others of songs or artists, but for me, it was refreshing to be able to listen to a band and realise they are doing their own thing. The band and the song stand out in a sea of alternative-rock and rock bands where everyone sounds pretty damn similar now a days.

“Wine and Dine” is an absolute bop of a song. My favourite parts of the song are of course, the drum and bass. They are solid and groovy worthy. I imagine hearing this song live, I would feel them in my chest and that gives me chills. The chorus is absolutely infectious and I found myself singing it over and over in my head.

On the flip side, “You Know It” is where the vocals shine. The vocals seem less constrained and inhibited in this song. The song has an absolutely fun and funky bass and guitar riff that gives me life as well. Of the two tracks, it is my favourite and I feel that it fully showcases the band.

“Wind and Dine” 3 out of 5 rock hands 🤘🤘🤘

“You Know It” 4 out of 5 rock hands 🤘🤘🤘🤘

I’m looking forward to more from Dohny Jep and to seeing what a post pandemic world will bring them. They are definitely an artist to watch.

Listen to “Wine and Dine” and “You Know It”

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