Discover: Tonic Pulse Beats

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Tonic Pulse Beats is a multi genre music producer and his album, Night Sky, satiates my current 80’s synth phase I am going through.

“Into the Horizon” was submitted to Pretty Vacant One for review, but I would be doing the world unjust if I just wrote about that song.

The whole album is a synth dream.

What I really enjoy about the album is the fluid consistency from start to end. The flow of Night Sky is possibly one of the smoothest I’ve heard in a long while. There isn’t a jarring disruption nor is there a train wreck of songs. It is silky smooth and soothing.

The “saxophone” on “Psychic”, and I put saxophone in quotes as I’m unsure if it’s truly a sax of just the magic of what a synth can do, is wonderful. We need more songs with a saxophone and less songs with autotune. It is accompanied with an infectious beat that whisks me away to every 80’s movie scene where the underdog is preparing to become the champion.

“Purple Hills” and “Internal Conflict” could be in any scene from the Breakin’ film franchise and if there is such a thing as synth ballads, then that is found within the tracks “Neon Love” and “Nocturnal Fever”.

Do yourself a favour and spend 27 minutes with these 10 songs. You won’t regret it.



Listen to Night Sky below.