Cosmic Crooner: Tema di Filippo

Well, shiver my soul, Cosmic Crooner has me feeling groovy and well, cosmic with his freshest gift to the Universe.

The mysterious singer gives me old school crooner vibes like that of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Dean Martin to name a few. Should he have existed in their era, women and men would have been swooning and passing out at his feet.

His voice is seductive, silky, and oh-so-swoonworthy.

While his latest single, “Tema di Filippo”, could easily fit in any Bond film with its infectious bass, breathless chorus, and swaying guitars, but I also think the song would be more apropos in a David Lynch film. The psychedelic feel tinged with a doowop vibe make it perfect for any Lynch film.

While I always love bass, it’s the strings that are the stand out winner in “Tema di Filippo”. They add a warmth and depth to Cosmic Crooner‘s already heart melting tone.

“Tema di Filippo” is an absolute dreamy song that makes you want to swirl the the stuffed olives around your full martini glass on a chill summer evening as the sun sets in monochromatic oranges and yellows over the ocean.

Cosmic Crooner says this about the video for “Tema di Filippo”,

The arrangements of this song were inspired by Italian movies and their scores. We wanted to approach this video differently than my previous videos by using only one location and we wanted to create a loop with a reward at the end. One of my most transcendental videos so far. With lyrics I find it very important that everyone can interpret the song’s meaning in their own way. This was also an inspiration for the video. I like how multi interpretable the video has become.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the cosmic tunes of Cosmic Crooner.

Watch “Tema di Filippo” below

Listen to “Tema di Filippo” below

Artwork by Elf Godefroy