Listen: Ballet Box by IOTA

What do you get when you ask your band to share a vision and work together to build on it?

“Ballet Box” from Bristol based, IOTA.

Skipping their usual ‘writing from lived experiences’, IOTA is able to give a peak into the what if with “Ballet Box”.

From their upcoming EP, “Ballet Box” follows in the shoes of their critically acclaimed debut single, “My Enemy”. “Ballet Box” was written with Idles Lee Kiernan and recorded by both himself and Ben Johnson (Skindred, Chaouche) at Humm Studios. The song was mixed by Tom Hennessy and masted by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones).

Vocalist and lyricist, Jodie Robinson says this about the inspiration of “Ballet Box”,

Its about a ballerina inside of a jewellery box coming to life as the box closes. Inspired by the thought of the ‘object’ coming to life and how they’d never know what it was like to be outside of that box and nobody would ever know that they were alive. There was a play on the element of control and feeling trapped, fighting with that part of your mind. It’s very much a song about ‘Is there more to life and can we fulfil that void’.

What I absolutely dig about “Ballet Box” is the 90’s and early naughts rock groove. While Jodie’s vocals are clean and polished, there’s a raspy Courtney Love vibe that scratches around the edges of her vocals. She vocally hold hers own against a thunderous bass, crunchy guitars, and driving drums.

The song reminds me of how much women fronted rock bands kick ass and I cannot wait to hear their upcoming EP in its entirety. I have no doubt it will rock from beginning to end.

IOTA is Jodie Robinson (vocals), Josef Parkes (guitar), Sam Mattison (bass), Joe Dean (guitar), and Thomas John (drums) and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.