Adult Leisure: Control

Let me tell ya, “Control” by Adult Leisure is a goddamn track.

First, let’s talk about the ear worm opening riff and oooh ooohs. This duo embed into one’s ear canal, set the mood, and do not let go.

And then the bass starts.

The bass. Lord, the bass has me clutching my pearls and raising my hand to pray to the bass gods, ‘hallelujah amen’.

I won’t lie, it took me about ten listens before I even got past the opening bass. Yes, in my bass loving heart, the bass in “Control” is that mother f’n good.

But let’s backtrack shall we.

Perhaps to a sultry summer day…kidding. We’re only backtracking to 2020. Specifically, the UK’s 2020 pandemic lockdown.

Amongst the global reckoning, David Woolford on guitars, James Laing of Moon Club on bass, Neil Scott of Aztecs on vocals and lyrics, and Nathan Searle of Towers on drums would combine forces and form Adult Leisure.

The foursome’s debut single, “Things You Don’t Know Yet”, was released in March of 2022 with support from BBC Upload and God Is In The TV and followed by their second single, “Modern Son”, in July 2022.

Both will be on the upcoming The Weekend Ritual EP alongside their third single, “Control”.

The band says this about the inspiration of their latest song,

Control’ focuses around an immeasurable love to which it’s clear the object of affection isn’t the wisest choice, yet still the lover is drawn ever closer, due to the overwhelming presence the recipient of their adoration has within their life. They are the drug they can’t seem to pry themselves away from. They are hell, yet they are home and this is the battle the lover is having with themselves.

The bass is slick, driving, and absolutely infectious but does not outshine its fellow teammates. The guitar and drums are supported beautifully by the bass and it’s the lyrics and vocals that wrap everything together in a nice musical package. Once the guitars, drum, and bass kick in with Neil’s vocals I get a Kings of Leon vibes from the track. They are tighter and flawless to the aforementioned band. Cohesive in vibe, music, and sound.

Bass aside, the melody is shiny and wonderful, glistening in the sweet delectable pop chorus that is oh so sweet to the ear and soul. It infuses the groovy bass and infectious lyrics brilliantly. “Control” is easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard in 2022.

Watch the video for “Control” below

Watch the video for “Modern Son” below

Watch the video for “Things You Don’t Know Yet” below