Carbellion: Listen for Ghosts

Recently signed to Eclipse Records, Wisconsin’s (USA), Carbellion, are gearing up for the 17-March 2023 release, Weapons of Choice, with the absolute banger of a single in “Listen for Ghosts”.

Converging together in 2004, Carbellion members, Brandon Bauer (guitar), Cameron Kellenberger (vocals), Brent Nimz (drums), Jamie Damrow (lead guitar), and Steve Sheppard (bass guitar) fuse elements of grunge and thrash with rock to deliver in your face anthems of lives lived on the outer rim of society.

Vocalist, Cameron Kellenberger, says this of the band,

We always tell people we make rock music, but that always leads to more questions. It’s not exactly metal, but it’s not radio rock. We tune down, and we have an edgier sound, but my vocals are mostly clean. It’s nothing like what you heard in the 80s or 90s, and there’s not a lot like us around today. We appreciate comparisons, but we pride ourselves on being original.

Yes, Carbellion does have a unique sound to them while blending sounds of various genres into one, but for me, it’s Kellenberger’s voice that harkens to Maynard James Keenan, circa 1993’s Undertow. That MJK spirit in his vocals are what drew me to “Listen for Ghosts”, the bass is what what hooked me into staying, and the guitar and drums are what made say ‘oh, hell yeah!‘.

Kellenberger says this of “Listen for Ghosts”,

I feel the song really questions where music has been going for a while now. Less and less kids are coming up playing instruments, being in bands, and cutting loose through the raw energy of rock n’ roll. It’s become more about sampling/programming music through easy-to-use interfaces, introversion of one’s self vs. a band, and a lack of trying to get a message across to others. There is a place in music and the artistry for that but not as a total replacement of the former. ‘Listen For Ghosts’ as a song and video are a warning to how far it could go metaphorically. 

Nimz further adds this about the video,

The band worked closely with director Chad Hanstedt to create a narrative that stayed true to the lyrics. We also recorded the performance parts in a converted indoor pool. The owner filled in the pool area and built a state-of-the-art multimedia space that bands use for everything from live concerts to video production. It made for a very laid back, comfortable work environment since we had no time restrictions. And to think this facility is right in the middle of a subdivision. Very cool experience.

As I’ve previously mentioned, overall I get a MJK and Tool vibe but during the break down, the band shows off their rock side but with an infectious, bold, and heavy bass, slick guitars, and thunderous drums.

As a rock fan, this song fills a spot I didn’t know that had been missing in my music heart and that is when rock radio played rawk music.

What I really enjoy about “Listen for Ghosts” is the sense that rock and roll is not dead at all and that Carbellion may be the band that breathes new life into it.

Watch the video for “Listen for Ghosts” below

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photo by Sara Hays