Swept to Sea: Tides

Hailing from San Francisco, Swept to Sea’s current release, Tides, is in-your-face melodic metal. Heavy with wailing guitar riffs and drums that will recalibrate your heart rate, Swept to Sea is sure to destroy many mosh pits with the 6 tracks that are on Tides.

Jeno Fox, guitar, states this about Tides,

The roller coaster of the last couple years has really been full of highs and lows and this new EP really embodies all of those ups and downs.

Produced by guitarist, Jeno, and mixed and mastered by Luke Garrigus, Tides, is 24 minutes of intense, gut wrenching metal with vocalist Ernest Munoz leading the five man crew with guttural snarls and growls. While considered harsh, his vocals are clean and crisp, allowing the lyrics to shine through each word sung. Jeno and Gio Fox wail on the guitars at sickening speed, allowing drummer, Gabriel Paulos, and bassist, Sean Kameny, to beat the ear drums of the listener into submission.

Swept to Sea‘s Tides is a full on aural assault that any metal head, myself included, will love.

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “Hell Called Home”

Photo: Jake Herbig