Alfie Jukes: Spiderwebs

I discovered Alfie Jukes from Instagram when the below Reel showed up in things I might like.

I was so blown away by Alfie belting out “Careless Whispers” in his bathroom that I binged his other videos that evening and then sought out his music on Apple Music and Spotify.

The cover of one of my favourite Wham songs hooked me, but it was the rich depth to his voice that kept me listening. His voice betrays his young age. His voice is of wisdom and a life that has been lived to the fullest, but he’s a mere babe in the woods.

Nonetheless, when he announced he was releasing a new tune, I stoked.

Say hello to “Spiderwebs”.

Alfie says this of “Spiderwebs”,

This song means a lot to me. It’s a song about moving on. And learning to priortise yourself.

There is a soft melancholy to Alfie’s voice that echoes beautifully in the song. He carries the sadness, the hurt, and the uncertainty delicately in between the pitches and tones of vocals.

He vocally dances in between moments rich lushness like that of velvet and smooth luxe like that of silk never once straining to be either or both.

There are moments when his voice hits a depth that makes me think of Rick Astley and Chris Isaak and it gives me chills. Alfie is a young man and his voice is only going to mature in its depth and beauty like those he reminds me of.

“Spiderwebs” is a beautiful song that will haunt the listener but it will be Alfie’s voice that holds their hand through the unknown the entire time.

Listen and watch “Spiderwebs” below