Drake White: Pound Cake

Earlier this year, Drake White, released the soulful and retrospective, The Optimystic, but there’s also a fun side to Drake as heard on the track, “Can’t Have My Dog”.

Drake continues to explore and show that fun side with the recently released, “Pound Cake”. Written with Ben Chapman during his ‘Wednesday Night Therapy’ social media series, “Pound Cake” was inspired by a guest who brought a pound cake to the show.

Drake says this of the song,

People play and write songs for many different reasons. We cooked this one up for a good time!

Of course a song like “Pound Cake” has to have a recipe right? To accompany the track, Milk and Honey Food Company owner, Alex, who is also Drake’s wife, shared her own pound cake recipe (see below).

What I love about “Pound Cake” is that it’s absolutely chock full of double entendres that are over the top decadent. The song is not only light and airy, like any great cake should be, it is pure fun and joyful.

“Pound Cake” is a decadent, delicious, and rockin’ good time. A must listen for all.

Watch the video below

Photo Credit: Drake White / SweetTalkPR