Palaye Royale: Eleanor Rigby

How fresh is Palaye Royale on my music radar?

24 hours young fresh.

I admit, I just discovered Palaye Royale. I have zero shame in that acknowledgment. There’s so much music out there, I know I will miss a lot, but I’m glad Palaye Royale has been spotted on the radar. Thanks to the Spotify algorithm, I’m locked in on their sound and I’m digging what I hear.

The Canadian-American brothers Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, and Emerson Barrett not only are the musicians but also their visionary counterparts The Pirate, The Vampire, and The Gentleman. With their fans dubbed Soldiers of the Royal Council, which is a brilliant moniker for their fans, the trio mix fashion, art, and good old fashion rock-n-roll into a delicious cocktail of glamour, glitz, and the ethereal beauty of a black and white silent film.

In December 2022, Palaye Royale released a cover of The Beatles’ 1966 hit, “Eleanor Rigby” from their Revolver album.

When the song first hit my ears, I thought it was Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria singing as Remington does have a very similar scratch to his vocals like Worsnop, but it was the 2nd verse that made me look at who was singing as this is where Remington’s voice strays from the similarities of Worsnop’s voice.

Remington’s voice is quite hypnotic and haunting on the track. There are moments within the chorus where his voice breaks with heartache and heartbreak and it’s just beautiful.

Offering an intense yang to the quiet yin of Remington’s voice, Sebastian and Emerson drive a hard beat on the guitar and drums that pairs wonderfully with the orchestra.

Palaye Royale’s Eleanor Rigby is a brilliant, bold, and refreshing cover. They’ve put their own style on the classic and given a beautiful nod to Paul, George, Ringo, and John.

Watch “Eleanor Rigby” below

Photo credit: Ivano Marino
Album Art: Emerson Barrett