Wind Rose: Army of Stone

Hailing from Pisa, Italy, the five member metal band, Wind Rose has unleashed another epic video. This time for “Army of Stone”, from their current album Warfont (2022).

With Francesco Cavalieri on vocals, Claudio Falconcini on guitars, Federico Meranda on keyboards, Cristiano Bertocchi on bass, and Federico Gatti on drums, they provide a hammering anthem that the gods themselves would be proud of.

Depending on the order you watch, “Army of Stone” could either be the precursor or follow up video for “Gates of Ekrund” as “Army of Stone” has a similar aesthetic to the latter, but without the epic battle scene. 

The band says this about the video,

We are extremely excited to release the official videoclip for ‘Army of Stone’! When we wrote the song, we were thinking about huge statues that recalled the times when the Dwarves fought their glorious battles, so we created a video that fits perfectly with the concept. This is the best way to celebrate the beginning of the massive European tour with Alestorm, Gloryhammer and Rumahoy, starting on January 6…Get ready for the best party of 2023!

Regardless of it being a precursor, follow up, or neither of the two, Wind Rose has delivered a magnificent video to a song with swelling hooks, face melting drums, thunderous vocals, and neck breaking guitar riffs.

Catch Wind Rose on tour with Rumahoy, Gloryhammer, and Alestorm across Europe in January and February.

Watch “Army of Stone” below

Photo credit: Tommaso Barletta
Video still: Wind Rose Facebook