Safari Gold: Last Chance Addict

If the faces of Safari Gold look familiar, it’s because back in the 2010’s they were known as Cuba Cuba.

In the words of Phil from Cameron Crowe’s Roadies, “when you find your band, you find your band”, and that’s what the gentlemen of Safari Gold have done.

They may not be their former 2010’s selves, but they are still making music together after all these years.

Their sophomore album, The Years Between Dog and Wolf, will be released on January 20th but for now fans will have to satiate themselves with their current single, “Last Chance Addict”.

The band says this of “Last Chance Addict”,

The song plays on general morality and the less glamorous side of thrill seeking. An up tempo song for the deeper soul’d out there.

At first listen of “Last Chance Addict”, I was instantly swept back to the 80’s where everything was easy, light, and airy. I thought of bands like Wham!, OMD, and those that brought catchy, infectious, and glorious tracks to the forefront of pop music.

There is a subtle and dreamy bass that bellows throughout the song. It tenderly holds the vocals of Morgan and Danny within the delicate folds of the thump and slap with beauty and ease. That ease amplifies each set of vocals as it sails on the crescendos with the guitar and drums keeping in time. The synchronicity of the soft brushing of guitar and drums coerce the listener to let go and groove.

Infused with pop, funk, jazz, “Last Chance Addict” pulsates with glorious bass and beats that are a thrill for the music soul.

Listen to “Last Chance Addict” below