DISCOVER: Bitter Kisses

On February 3rd, Bristol based Bitter Kisses will be releasing their DEBUT single, “Pr*y” and this four piece will be taking 2023 by storm with their ass kicking beats.

Formed in 2022, yep, you read that right, 2022, Bitter Kisses is Gemma Tracey (vocals), Thomas Adams (bass and vocals), Josh Butches (guitar and vocals), and Scarlett Cawley (drums).

They made their live debut in August 2022 at Bridgwater’s ‘We Hear You Fest’ and they describe themselves as “pop music you can beat your friends up to” and from what we have heard from Bitter Kisses it’s a perfect description of what they’ll be giving the world, but if beating up your friends isn’t your thing, then Bitter Kisses can also be the soundtrack to party with your friends to. Either one works.

BBC Radio One is already behind the upcoming single “Pr*y”. Not a bad champion to have in your corner for your debut single if you ask us!

The foursome recorded with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw, Mother Vulture) at Stage 2 Studios and Tom Cory (Novatines, Superlove) mixed and mastered the single.

Of the inspiration of the forthcoming single, Bitter Kisses says this,

Pr*y was partially inspired by a fever dream in which Lady Gaga collaborated with Queens of the Stone Age to produce a new Earth Wind And Fire song.

When you hear it, you’ll realise that they have made that dream a reality!

“Pr*y” will be available on all the streaming on February 3rd and of course, we’ll have a review when it’s time!

Until then, give Bitter Kisses a follow on their socials Facebook :: Instagram :: TikTok or catch them at their “Pr*y” Release Show on February 4th in Bristol at The Crofters Rights.