Abstrakt Algebra Remastered and Re-released

Abstrakt Algebra’s self-titled debut is being re-released!

Founded by Leif Edling (Candlemass) in the nineties, Abstrakt Algebra, was a band before their time. With Leif on bass, Mats Levén on vocals, Mike Wead (King Diamond) and Simon Johansson (Wolf) on guitars, and Jejo Perkovic on drums, they band was seemingly pushed to the side due to the 90’s obsession of grunge and all things flannel.

Abstrakt Algebra’s album is considered rare and hard to come by but GMR Music has announced they are correcting the situation and is reintroducing Abstrakt Algebra to the masses with remastered digipak with three bonus tracks.

The re-issue was remastered by Patrick W. Engel and is available here and streamers can pre-save it here.

The tracklisting for Abstrakt Algebra:
01 Stigmata
02 Shadowplay
03 Nameless
04 Abstrakt Algebra
05 Bitter Root
06 April Clouds
07 Vanishing Man
08 Who What Where When
Bonus Tracks:
09 Remulus And Romus (Studio Outtake) 
10 Nameless (Demo) 
11 Shadowplay (Demo)