VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 02 :: Volume 01

The 11 tracks we have at 11 this week.

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No method to the order madness.

“Last Chance Addict” by Safari Gold
This track is one of those that just kind of haunts your memory. It’s infused with pop, funk, jazz and pulsates with glorious bass and beats that are a thrill for the music soul. Read our review here.

“Blacklight” by Dakota Jones
We got a sneak listen of the newest Dakota Jones and had to go back and listen to all things Dakota Jones and this song was one of the ones we kept revisiting. It captures the soulful funk essence that is the band. Discover more about Dakota Jones here.

“Ordinary Life” by Emily Breeze
There’s still about a month left before Emily’s release, Rapture, is out but we’ve been spinning this track on repeat for awhile. Read our Track by Track review here.

“Keep Your Head Down” by The Wind and the Wave
From their latest album, Racing Hearts, this is one of our favourite tracks. It’s catchy, infectious and just a great bop of a song. Read our review of the album here.

“Atlantic City” by Ryan Adams (Bruce Springsteen cover)
This song by Sprinsteen has always been one of our favourites and Ryan does a wonderful cover of it and we can’t stop listening. Read our review of Nebraska here.

“Echolocate Your Love” by VV
Ville Valo (VV) is back with Neon Noir and this was the song that made us realise just how much we missed hearing Ville’s voice. Read our thoughts here.

“Forever Lost” by Lord of the Lost
Yep, we’re still spinning Blood and Glitter and our favourite track this week is this song. There’s just something damn perfect about this track that we cannot get enough of. Read our Track by Track review here.

“Birds” by Katatonia
When we reviewed this song last week, read that review here, we had not invested a lot of listening hours into the band, but this song changed that and this was the song that kicked off our fandom.

“Army of Stone” by Wind Rose
One needs Dwarven metal in their life. We all do. And Wind Rose is that band to bring it. Watch the video for the song here.

“Barfight” by Carbellion
Wailing guitars, booming bass, thunderous drums, and soaring vocals, all the requirements for a great rock song and Carbellion has put them all into one song. Watch the video here.

“La Bomba” by Lord of the Lost
This song from From the Flame into the Fire is a mother fucking jam. We’ve been enjoying deep diving into the back catalogue of LOTL as there are so many gems like this song. It’s been a repeat for days.

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