3 Questions with Neil Scott of Adult Leisure

We were tickled pink to kick off our 2023 A Conversation with… series with front man and lyricist, Neil Scott of Adult Leisure.

As part of the series, we also premiered the Same 3 Questions We Always Ask with Neil. He has given us some great answers and artists we will soon be spotlighting on Amplify the Noise.


ATN: Artist / band that you feel is the most underrated and why?

NEIL:  Getdown Services – probably the best live band in Bristol at the moment (alongside from Saloon Dion) and once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget them.

ATN: Artist / band that you would like to collaborate with and why?

NEIL: Probably the boys I’ve just mentioned but if we’re gonna go EVER, probs Prince man, different level genius.

ATN: Artist / band that you would like to tour with and why?

NEIL: Sam Fender – that bloody sax man, jheeeeeze!

Grab The Weekend Ritual and if you’re in Liverpool, see the band on 3-February at The Jacaranda Club

And if you didn’t read Neil’s full interview, why the hell not? Go read it this very second.

Watch “Control” by Adult Leisure below

Check out Getdown Services as suggest by Neil below

Check out Saloon Dion as suggest by Neil below

Check out Sam Fender