93FEETOFSMOKE: Feel Something At All

Hailing from Virgina but based in the City of Angels, 93FEETOFSMOKE recently released “Feel Something at All” from their forthcoming album Sucker.

Co-written with Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, “Feel Something at All” is a pop-punk banger with an infectious chorus that plants itself in one’s aural canal and doesn’t let go. 

While the music and vocals are fun and bright, the lyrics dive into treacherous high and lows of chasing that dopamine hit.

93FEETOFSMOKE says this of the song,

In an age of instantaneity and fried dopamine receptors ‘Feel Something at All’ is a beckon for more. Just a few additional servings of amperage for the burnt out circuit board. A modest request for a couple more volts. Whatever the outcome may be; ‘Good’ or ‘bad’. Lord knows I need more.

There is no doubt “Feel Something at All” will be a fan favourite and an anthem at live shows. 

It’s precision pop punk at its finest. 

A track that covers something deeply personal to many but is hidden within a catchy chorus and rockin’ beats.

We’re officially a Sucker for 93FEETOFSMOKE.

Listen and watch the video for “Feel Something at All”

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