Visions of Atlantis: Clocks

Music guru, Eric Alper, recently tweeted, “Try listening to different music genres to expand not only your creativity, but you might find your next favorite artist, too.”

We take Eric’s words to heart and while we here at Amplify the Noise do listen to everything that crosses our paths, we don’t necessarily dig everything that crosses our paths. For the music that we don’t like, we won’t be haters. There’s enough hate going around as Lord of the Lost have pointed out in their recent song and video, “Leave Your Hate in the Comments”.

But what we will do is amplify the noise and raise the frequency of the music we do like and Visions Of Atlantis is one of those bands. We won’t lie, we’re new to this band and we’re kind of pissed at ourselves for that. Because good god almighty, they are epic.

As Joey from Blossom would say, whoa…

Photo by Stefan Heilemann

Visions Of Atlantis are Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli on vocals, with Dushi Duscha on guitars, Herbert Glos on bass, and Thomas Caser on drums.

To announce their North American tour the band released the jolly good fun video for “Clocks” from their latest release, Pirates.

Clémentine says this of the video,

We are so excited to be able to release a video for ‘Clocks’ as we love this song and we noticed that it quickly became one of our fans’ favorites as well! We could tell from the crowd’s response every time we started to play this song live last year! So here is a fun portrait of what enjoying life as a pirate can be about, remembering the clock is ticking… Let’s all make a golden play out of 2023!

Michele further adds about the video,

We couldn’t have a better way to celebrate this new video release than with a tour announcement! Our 2023 won’t only start with our first headlining US tour, that will see The Spider Accomplice as special guests, but we’re also announcing another European round in cities we couldn’t reach during the previous run! Autumn Bride will join us for this new adventure…and believe it or not, more news will follow!

What blew us away was the power and strength of Clémentine Delauney’s astounding voice and how hers and Michele Guaitoli’s voice compliments each other perfectly.

Once you add the poetic flow of the guitar, bass, and drums to their voices, magic happens right before your ears and eyes.

“Clocks” is a beautiful and rousing symphonic masterpiece and as for the video, it captures a fun side of Visions Of Atlantis living their best pirate lives.

Watch the video for “Clocks” below

Catch Visions of Atlantis on the Pirates Over North America tour with The Spider Accomplice
07.02.23 US – Los Angeles, CA / 1720
11.02.23 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon
13.02.23 US – Denver, CO / The Oriental Theater
14.02.23 US – Minneapolis, MN / The Cabooze
15.02.23 US – Chicago, IL / WC Social Club
16.02.23 US – Detroit, MI / The Sanctuary
17.02.23 US – Pittsburgh, PA / Black Forge
19.02.23 US – Rochester, NY / Montage Music Hall
20.02.23 CA – Quebec City, QC / L’Anti Bar & Spectacles
21.02.23 US – Boston, MA / Upstairs
22.02.23 US – Brooklyn, NY / The Meadows
23.02.23 US – Clifton, NJ / Dingbatz
24.02.23 US – Atlantic City, NJ / Anchor Rock Club
25.02.23 US – Chapel Hill, NC / Local 506
26.02.23 US – Spartanburg, SC / Ground Zero
28.02.23 US – Dallas, TX / Amplified Live
01.03.23 US – Austin, TX / Come And Take It Live
03.03.23 US – Phoenix, AZ / The Rebel Lounge
04.03.23 US –Las Vegas, NV / Backstage Bar & Billiards
05.03.23 US – San Diego, CA / Brick By Brick

Catch Visions of Atlantis on the Pirates Over Europe tour with Autumn Bride
04.04.23 DE – Cham / L.A.
05.04.23 IT – Bologna / Alchemica
06.04.23 CH – Monthey / Pont Rouge
07.04.23 FR – Montpellier / Secret Place
08.04.23 FR – Toulouse / L’usine A Musique
10.04.23 PT – Lisbon / RCA Club
11.04.23 ES – Mos-Pontevedra / Sala Rebullon
12.04.23 ES -Madrid / Revi Live
13.04.23 ES – Vitoria / Urban Rock Concept
15.04.23 BE – Gent / JH Asgaard
16.04.23 NL – Amersfoort / Fluor
18.04.23 DE – Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal
19.04.23 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage
20.04.23 DE – Essen / Turock
21.04.23 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
22.04.23 DE – Nuremberg / Der Cult
23.04.23 AT – Klagenfurt / Volxhaus