Tragedy: I’m So Excited

If you had asked me if I needed a metal cover of the 80’s classic “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters, I probably would have said, yeah nah.

That was until my ear holes heard Tragedy and their cover of “I’m So Excited” from their forthcoming album, I Am Woman.

And well, my answer is now, hell yeah, I do need this cover in my life.

If Steel Panther are the masters of comedic sleaze metal, then Tragedy are the masters of covering all things sleaze, glam, disco and in between…and they’re damn great at it.

They turn any song they cover to eleven.

Eleven in volume and eleven across the board.

And we support that one hundred percent.

Tragedy is Disco Mountain Man (vocals, keys), Mo’Royce Peterson (vocals, guitar), Andy Gibbous Waning (bass, vocals), Gibbon Ass Freehly (guitar, vocals, horns), The Infernal Demigibb (drums), and Lance (towel boy, complete idiot).

The guitars are high speed wails, with crunch and bite and the double bass drums raise the intensity and have the heart pounding in time. The song is just a fun and fantastic cover.

Turn it up to 11 and watch “I’m So Excited” below