Musings: Episode 1 of Volume Up for Radio Vivian

The first episode of Volume Up! for Radio Vivian has aired and listening back on it, I can hear the fear in my voice.

I was petrified to sit behind the mic.

Those who know me, may ask, weren’t you in radio?

I was, but I was a behind the scenes girl. I did marketing, promotions, and all the grunt work and dreaded any time any deejay asked me to hop on the mic with them.

I rarely was on the mic.

I avoided the studio the moment I knew the ‘on air’ mic would go on.

The fear in my voice on Episode 1 was real.

I also realised the volume was too low on parts and too high on parts.

Rookie errors.

Episode 2 is way better and Episode 3 even better.

If you listened when Volume Up! aired, thank you. If you listen after the fact on Mixcloud, thank you.

If you give Volume Up! more time and listen to us on Radio Vivian again, another big ol’ thank you!

I love music and I enjoy sharing music and if one person finds a band or artist through me or Amplify the Noise, then the work I’ve put into this site is worth its weight in gold.

Because I’m just a music nerd, sharing music that excites me and I hope it excites you to dig through the crates of life and find what you like.

Turn it up to 11!

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