ICYMI: Lord of the Lost Nominated for Eurovision Song Contest Preliminary Rounds

ICMI, the rock visionaries, Lord Of The Lost have been nominated to compete to represent Germany in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the title track of their recent surprise album release, “Blood & Glitter”.

Vocalist, Chris Harms on the nomination:

We are a band that has never consciously adapted to anyone or anything. No trend, no scene, no expectation. We have always done what we like ourselves – at all times. That we are now being considered for the biggest music show in the world with our weird genre mix, as authentic and unbowed as we are, is a great honour and we are extremely looking forward to being able to make the ESC pre-selection a little more colourful in many ways. A song like ‘Blood & Glitter’ is very hard for the German TV and radio landscape – it will polarise. And since we love contrasts, it makes it all the more exciting for us. Friends, it’s going to get loud on German television on March 3!

The Eurovision Song Contest was formed in 1956 and is one of the biggest music events worldwide. Germany hasn’t had a lot of luck with the contest, landing last or second to last six times in the past seven years.

Photo by VD Pictures

Could Lord of the Lost be Germany’s hope for a better placement?

We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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