VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 04 :: Volume 01

Here are the 11 tracks we have at 11 this week.

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There is no method to the order this week.

“Let’s Turn this Back Around” by Far From Saints
We’ll have a full post on this song tomorrow but this song is a beautiful marriage of vocal raspiness between Kelly and Patty and we can’t wait to hear more.

“Waiting for Your Good Days” by Red Telephone
This was one of those songs that we couldn’t get out of our heads. Read our thoughts on the song here.

“Claustrophobia” by Bec Sandridge
If you’re not dancing to this track or feeling great by the end of it, there could be something wrong with you. This is one of our go to feel good tracks. We wrote about Bec’s LP here.

“Sick Boi” by Ren
We can’t get enough of Ren and this song is just as visceral as “Hi Ren”. There’s something about this song that just sticks with you long after it has ended. More thoughts on Ren.

“Swerve (Rockzilla Remix)” by Papa Roach featuring Hollywood Undead
The original was fire. The remix is fire. Read our Ego Trip review.

“California” by Beasto Blanco
Discovered this band when an artist I like posted a photo of them working with the band in the studio. Since I’m always looking for music I like, I went and gave Beasto Blanco a listen and fell for their sound! This song is from their debut album and it’s a banger.

“Shapka” by Russkaja
You can’t be in a bad mood listening to this song. You just can’t. Our full thoughts on “Shapka” are here.

“Cut the Line” by Papa Roach featuring Beartooth
Again, the original was fire and again this version is fire. Read our Ego Trip review.

“Spillways” by Ghost featuring Joe Elliott of Def Leppard
What a perfect harmonious vocal marriage between Tobias and Joe! More on Spillways.

“Priest” by Lord of the Lost
“Blood and Glitter” was the first song I had ever heard by LOTL and Judas was the first album I listened to by the band and this song just blew me away. Still does.

“One More Flag in the Ground” by Kamelot
Cannot get enough of this song. Tommy Karevik’s vocals are just amazing. Read more on “One More Flag in the Ground”.