ICYMI: Visions of Atlantis announce new live album, Pirates Over Wacken

The symphonic pirates of metal, Visions of Atlantis, have announced they will release a new live album, Pirates Over Wacken, on March 31 via Napalm Records.

The live album is from from their 2022 performance at Wacken Open Air.

On Pirates Over Wacken,

There is something purely magical about Wacken. Maybe it is the collective belief that this is the Holy Ground of Heavy Metal. Maybe it simply is, the Holy Ground of Heavy Metal. Maybe this casts a specific energy around the stages and the fields of this special German town. 

We didn’t miss to feel this magic, while shouting the name “WACKEN” out loud on stage or while looking around and seeing thousands of people, at peace, loving being there and sharing this together.

It was very special to us again, as if it wasn’t our first time playing Wacken. We got overcome with emotion several times during the show. There was so much we wanted to say. We felt empowered as artists and human beings. Wacken is one of these grounds where you feel you can change the world. Watching this crowd and talking to them on that very day felt like never before and we will remember it forever.

Nothing lasts forever but memories do. Thank you WACKEN for having made us a part of your legend.

Pre-order Pirates Over Wacken HERE.

Photo by Stefan Heilemann