WATCH: “Blackout” & “Sex to White Noise” by Life in Mono

First, I have to ask that Life in Mono forgive me for being late to this. As a one woman show, my list of music to share is longer than my time to sit down and write them all. But I’m here and I’m sorry I’m late.

Now that my apology is out of the way, can I say, wow.

Eleven minutes of wow.

One louder wow.

Just like the songs themselves, the video for “Blackout” and “Sex to White Noise” was shot in one take.



As someone who has been in a studio and on set for a video, a one take recording or shot is no easy feat.

And for Life in Mono to do it not once but twice for this set of songs is mind boggling.

I wrote before that the tracks can be listened to separately and in any order one should choose, they are best experienced by listening to “Blackout” first and the “Sex to White Noise”. The songs are the yin and yang of each and they flow seamlessly and smoothly into each other. If listened as a pair, the listener can experience the full range of emotions the band has crafted with the two songs.

Watch “Blackout” / “Sex to White Noise” (live) below