DEBUT SINGLE: “Weapon of Love” by Blone Noble

Blone Noble is bringing sexy 80’s magic back with his debut single, “Weapon of Love” and I am here for it.

The song has dropped on Curation Records and Blone Noble will also release his debut album later in 2023 called Night Club Floor Show.

First, let me talk about the video. It could be straight from 1980’s MTV. The Fred Joseph directed video pays homage to the Old Grey Whistle Test, Musikladen, and Beat Club and was filmed with 1970’s broadcast cameras but what I dig about it the most is the lighting vibe gives me Solid Gold and Soul Train vibes of how they would showcase an artist that would be performing on their respective shows.

Pun intended here, the video is solid gold greatness.

by Kourosh Erfanian

Blone Noble is the alter ego of singer songwriter, Pat Salway, and he’s created a blend of glam and new wave sans guitar that he’s calling doomsday disco.

While I don’t feel there’s anything doomsday about “Weapon of Love”, I do understand the description as the song does feel darker without any guitars.

But it works and it works fabulously well.

As a girl that loves bass, this song is all bass and it’s a brooding bass that is also funky and fun. Paired with the jazz feel of the drums, the music is catchy and toe tapping.

Surfing the wave of the bass and drums are the vocals of Blone Noble that give me vibes of David Bowie, Peter Murphy, and Ian Astbury.

He has a wonderful sultry tone to his voice that is sure to make women, men, and all those in between swoon at his feet.

Blone Noble says this of the upcoming album,

We’re living in a new world, so I wanted to start over fresh with this new record. It’s officially 1984. There’s a big effort being made to strip away our humanity. This is my contribution. I only make music with synthesizers now.

Synthesizers or not, sans guitar or with, we are ready for the floor show that Blone Noble is unleashing on the world.

Watch “Weapon of Love” below