LISTEN | “No Umbilical” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh artist, Bethan Lloyd, has unchained a new song from her upcoming album, Metamorphosis, that has her channeling her inner Bjork.

The classical trained singer’s voice in “No Umbilical” is a wonderful observation of traditional vocals that teeter between moments of madness and sanity.

Photo by Lauren Pringle

The way Bethan’s voice dances between ‘sing-talk’, singing, and ethereal chants is magical. The way she sings almost sounds as if she’s singing in a foreign language and it’s her ability to pitch and fold her vocals into the notes of the music makes the “No Umbilical” transcendental as if one is having an out of body experience.

Not alone on her journey, Bethan is accompanied by fellow Jet Pack Dog bandmate, Issac Ray and together they produced the single.

Bethan Lloyd’s vocal prowess and experimental sound is a stark contrast to what is popular in music pop or alternative, but it is that uniqueness that will make her a rising star in 2023. She will no doubt inspire others to master their own inner magic through her music and this song.

Listen to “No Umbilical”

Watch to “No Umbilical”

Photos by Lauren Pringle