HOT TRACK | “I See Dead People” by The Amity Afflicition featuring Louie Knuxx

Whew boy. 

The latest from The Amity Affliction featuring the late Louie Knuxx is a 3 minute and 37 second assault on the senses.

Leading the assault are vocalist Joel Birch and drummer Joe Longobardi. The duo do a lot of the heavy lifting for “I See Dead People”. Through Joe’s intense blast beats and precision drumming, Joel’s familiar and comforting vocals growls and bellows lyrics anchored deep in sorrow and pain of having friends who have taken their own lives. While bassist and vocalist Ahren Stringer doesn’t contribute any clean vocals, he and guitarist Dan Brown provide slick and insane breakdowns that rip and tear at the soul.

Louie’s vocals offer a brief moment of reprieve where you can catch a breath and come up for air before all is forsaken again. 

Underneath Louie’s vocals lurks a menacing strum that gets louder and louder and one knows that all will not end well before Joel and Ahren roar, “I am death”.

His vocals also end the song in reflective beauty.

The band has indicated their 8th studio album is finished and that it will be heavy and if “Show Me Your God” and “I See Dead People” are to be on said album, well, this girl is here for all the face melting from The Amity Affliction.

Watch or Listen to “I See Dead People” below