LISTEN | “Souls on Fire” by Mad Gallica featuring Chris Harms

On Valentine’s Day, Mad Gallica released a pretty damn amazing duet with Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost with her song, “Souls on Fire”.

Mad says this of the duet,

I couldn’t have imagined a more suitable fit for this duet than Chris and his brilliant vocal performance. The moment I first heard him sing on this, my jaw dropped. From beginning to end, he brought passion, depth, character, emotion and haunting beauty to this song and lifted it to new heights I couldn’t have previously imagined. Having the opportunity to sing alongside one of my favorite vocalists on a song so dear to my heart is a gift I am forever grateful for. 

And Chris says this of duet

Singing this one was so intense, hearing it is moving me to tears and Mad Gallica‘s other-worldly voice is just too much beauty to handle. Also, this song was extremely challenging – I never sang such high lead vocals as I do here at the song‘s climax.

The duet is stunning. The softness in Mad’s voice compliments the deep bass of Chris’ voice. His vocals bring the pain while Mad’s vocals bring the sadness.