TRACK x TRACK | The Muse by Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby is the fierce and feisty alter ego of star child Amy Noonan who was once in the duo Karmin. Having seen Karmin back in the day, I recently rediscovered the artist through Instagram. Again, thanks to Instagram giving me music that I dig.

While Qveen Herby is a far cry from what was the pop duo of Karmin, the music behind the Qveen’s in her new album The Muse is poppy in vibes and that’s what makes her sound so goddamn refreshing.

Opening with the hefty bass beat driven “Thank Goddess”, the song is a strong opener that sets the mood for the album. I could listen to the slick beat of this song all damn day. The slide of the bass is infectious and glorious and the lyrics are fun, funky, and just as infectious as the bass. What I like about the song is how it showcases Qveen Herby’s vocal range whether she is rapping or singing, she can flow back and forth between a low and high pitch ease. While I prefer her lower ranges, her higher range compliments the song and the overall vibe of the song.

The music of “Chucky Cheese” gives it a sultry R&B vibe, while the lyrics feel more like a confession of a starseed fully grounded in her path and journey. The combination of the music and lyrics carry Qveen’s voice quite beautifully.

From the lyrics that drop bits of history with a new age spin, “Marie Antionette’‘ is an absolutely sick track. The beats are fresh, head bopping, and booty shaking. Like “Thank Goddess” the song has rapping and singing and how Qveen Herby marries the two with ease makes this song one of the best on the album. I also have to give props to the Qveen’s lyrics and rhymes and how they effortlessly flow from her lips.

My favourite thing about “Just Found Out” is the bass. Good goddess, it’s fantastic and the beats, lawd chile. If there was any doubt to anyone listening that Qveen could sing, this song displays her vocal talent. She can sing and there’s no doubt she can sing better than a lot of singers that are currently popular.

There is a beat in “Nah” that reminds me of a programmed beat on the Casio keyboard that I had in the 1980’s and it has me hooked from the moment it drops. It kind of steals the show in the song as my ear is instantly drawn to it again and again. Like “Marie Antionette”, the lyrics and rhymes are absolutely brilliant and let me tell you Qveen Herby lays down some of the smoothest rhymes I’ve ever heard uttered from a woman. I would love to hear her and Ren duet. Their rhymes would be sick.

Give me the beats in “5D” all day, every day. I give it to Qveen Herby, she knows a catchy beat and she knows how to use it well and I ain’t mad about it. There are moments within “5D” where I get the speed of Eminem, “The Real Slim Shady” vibes, and “Supersonic” by JJ Fad vibes and it makes me love this song even more.

Rounding out The Muse is “Dress Code” and it gives me Michael Jackson beats and 80’s synth neon vibes and well, I’m immediately dancing. The song is beyond groovy and guess what, beats and bass for days. For days I tell ya, and as someone who loves a great bass and a great beat, “Dress Code” nails it to perfection and then when you didn’t think it could get any better, a 70’s disco guitar slaps you in the face and makes you its bitch. Qveen’s lyrics match the mood of the music and they’re just as fun and catchy as the beats.

The Muse is seven tracks full of infectious beats, bass, lyrics and rhymes. Qveen Herby has outdone herself and I cannot wait to see what she transcends to next.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: The entire album, no skipping.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “5D”, “Marie Antionette”, “Nah”