WATCH | “Absolute Attitude” by Lord of the Lost

Good god I love a band that knows how to have fun.

Lord of the Lost has poked fun at “the haters” with their video, “Leave Your Hate in the Comments” and now they seemingly poke fun at themselves and perhaps their “rockstar alter egos”.

It is reported, per their social media accounts,

Filmed for weeks and months sometime in the past at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki, Finland. This is not a music video, it is really a real MAKING OF (for real!) of the production of the Blood & Glitter album.

The video also features Mika Karppinen as the blood and glitter dealer and the very frustrated crew of LOTL putting up with the band members whacked out on blood and glitter during a recording session.

Hilariousness ensues as the band struggle with their outfits, musical needs, some classic funky ass socks, and the guitar solos by Pi and Chris are to die for.

Track three on Blood & Glitter, “Absolute Attitude” is a song about owning your truth and standing your ground with attitude.

That’s what I adore about Lord of the Lost…they own their own ‘absolute attitude’ and have zero fear of doing things their way.

They are the definition of ‘unbothered and flourishing in their own lane’, and I as a fan, I am here to support that balls to the wall attitude and fierceness.

Watch the wicked smart and fun video or “Absolute Attitude” below