TRACK x TRACK | Adventure Songs by Aaron Wylder

Adventure Songs by Aaron Wylder, who grew up in the Cayman Islands and now calls Canada his home, is a playful three song EP that while it may be short on time, clocking in at nine minutes is big, well on adventure (pun intended).

“Don’t Let Me Down” kicks off the EP and I instantly am reminded of the swampy vibes of “Same Ol’ Me” by Dierks Bentley. The music is catchy without a lot of flash and bang and it allows Aaron’s voice to shine. There’s a quiet rasp about his vocals that are a joy to the ear.

On the other end of the spectrum is “Songs I Sing”. It feels as if it’s a 180 from the previous track in mood, but like its predecessor, the song is just as infectious. Aaron’s proving a point. One doesn’t always need to be flashy to be seen or heard. His lyrics and his voice will hook one and reel them in.

Closing out the EP is “Summer’s Here”. Of the 3 songs, it is the quieter one…the lyrics, the music, and Aaron’s vocals are all softer with a quiet heartbreak. That heartbreak is beautifully echoed by the wail of the piano and steel guitar. 

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Songs I Sing”

FAVOURITE TRACK:  “Don’t Let Me Down”