REVIEW | Electro Bazaar by Midnight Tea Party

I discovered Midnight Tea Party through a co-worker at the job that pays the rent and was immediately hooked. From Sydney’s (Australia) Inner West and Blue Mountains, Midnight Tea Party have been together for 10 years and have released the following EPs and LPs:

2016 EP – Midnight Tea Party
2018 LP – Massilia
2022 EP – Magic Roundabout

And now 2023’s EP Electro Bazaar.

What I dig about Electro Bazaar is that listening to it does make you feel as if you are walking through a vibrant and fun bazaar.

The power of the music allows you to transcend to a different time and place where the colours are bright, the mood is light, and the people are having a grand ol’ time.

Midnight Tea Party gracefully blends rock and jazz with the traditional folk sound of The Balkans with a little dubstep peppered in to create an enchanting, fascinating, and alluring sound that is both atmospheric in party mood and chilling at the same time.

The contrast between the moods is what makes Electro Bazaar dizzyingly great. You’re clapping along one minute and the next you’re absolutely okay with just vibing out to the rhythm of the beats.

There are moments when the horns kick into gear, I get the energy of Russkaja, but overall, Midnight Tea Party have crafted a four track EP that is infectious with beats that are filled with a lot of gypsy soul.

Electro Bazaar is a must add to your favourite playlists. It’s an EP that has great musical flair, beats that are bursting with energy, and is a must listen from start to finish.


FAVOURITE TRACK: “Monsieur Ouzo”

Photo: Midnight Tea Party Facebook