HOT TRACK | “Dissent’N’Gin” by Dakota Jones

I’m gonna blame my 2023 obsession with female rapper songstresses on Dakota JonesTristan Carter-Jones and Qveen Herby. While they are opposite ends of the vocal tone spectrum, they both have turned me into fans of rapping or as I prefer to call it, wordsmithing at the speed of light.

“Dissent’N’Gin” is the follow up single to “Sugar Pie” and shows a musical serious side to Dakota Jones. The scratching is intense, the guitar and bass are weighty in notes, the drumming leaden, and the vocals big.

Tristan’s vocals in “Dissent’N’Gin” are a beautiful blend of her singing and rapping. She flows between the two with ease and perfection. There’s an exquisite depth to her voice that’s filled with bass and baritone and there are moments where she ups the octaves and I find myself saying damn. Her vocals have a lovely way of riding shotgun with the bass in the song.

And the bass…Jeez Louise…what a bold, subtle, and wonderful tone. It’s heavy. It’s thick. It’s seductive. It’s thunderous. It’s everything I love about a bass. I could listen to it on repeat again and again.

Of the “Dissent’N’Gin” visual, the band says this,

We wanted this to represent the mood of the song: it’s smooth on the outside yet something sinister lurks within the sound. You’re running from something you can’t see, you might not even know what it is, but you’re trying to get ahead of it. In the end, escape is impossible.

And to not fall in love with “Dissent’N’Gin” is impossible.

Watch the visual below and fall in love with Dakota Jones

Photo by Alexandra Johnson