HOT TRACK | “Damn Love” by Kip Moore

Let me be completely honest, if Kip Moore puts out new music, there is a 99.99% chance I am going to dig it. 

In fact, of all of his music, I can only think of one song, “Motorcycle” that I skip.

Having said that, my “country” crush has released the first single and video from his forthcoming 5th studio album, Damn Love, out on April 28th.

The title track, written by Jason Gantt, Jaren Johnston, and James McNair, finds Mister Moore singing about the ups and downs of that four letter word, love.

As “Damn Love” starts, the intro gives me a strong “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey vibe. The synths create an 80’s undertone to the song that is absolutely delightful and rarely heard in country.

And while we’re speaking of country, let me state, I do not think of Kip Moore as a country artist even if that’s what the music world has decided to place him in. He’s good ol’ rock and roll in my book.

In my opinion, his vocal talent, his writing talent, and how he crafts his storytelling ranks him up there with the likes of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan.

Lyrically, “Damn Love” is infectious, catchy, and brilliantly written. One of the best lines in the song is, “It’ll heal, it’ll kill, it’ll hurt. I hope you’re tough,” and that perfectly describes love.

But what makes and carries the song is Kip’s voice. 

He has a beautiful and distinct grit and rasp to his vocals that reverberates throughout the song. His voice also has a deep tone that is smooth like silk.

It’s that yin of grit and rasp to the yang of the deep tone that makes Kip’s music marvelous. Once heartfelt lyrics and paragon storytelling are added, Kip’s music goes from marvelous to masterpiece.

Pre-save Damn Love.

Watch the video for “Damn Love” below