DISCOVER: Rogue Jones

There’s something visceral about listening to music that you don’t verbally understand language wise. I don’t understand 90% of Rammstein’s lyrics, but that doesn’t deter me from being a huge fan. They could be singing about rainbows and unicorns or serial killers and without heading to the internet to look up the lyrics, I can transcend within the melody of the lyrics and music. (And yes, I am fully aware that they do sing about serial killers and not rainbows and unicorns. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’ve looked the lyrics up by now.)

Like Rammstein, I may not know what Rogue Jones is singing about but the music is good and the melody of the lyrics flow.

Again, I can transcend into the music and absorb what is being heard without judgement.

Their double A side “1,2,3” and “Fflachlwch Bach” out now on Libertino Records are two songs that express the experiences of parenthood that Bethan and Ynyr’s are going through.

With “1,2,3”, a song about trying to comprehend the amount of love that you can feel for someone was written for their daughter when she turned 3. Bethan wanted to convey not only the love for a child but childbirth and all the challenges, wins, and losses that come with it.

“Fflachlwch Bach” is an ode to Bethan and Ynyr’s first born. Bethan found beauty in the everyday joy of an average day with a small child. The inspiration of the song makes an appearance with a keyboard solo and her self-penned line, “What are you waiting for? A song or what? I’m going to begin one now so open your ears!”

Rogue Jones doesn’t need to speak in a language I understand as their music and their lyrics are beautiful as they are. I know they’re heartfelt and raw because Bethan vocals allow me to join her journey and the music allows me to emotionally feel what she is saying.

That’s the power of music is connecting one to another over a perceived barrier like language.

That’s the power of Rogue Jones.