HOT TRACK: “Compromise” by Mid City

I am kicking myself for being a month late on discovering there was new Mid City music! Like what rock have I been living under?!

My first trek into the world of Mid City was their highly infectious song, “Dead Broke Blues” and I haven’t looked back or been disappointed with any music I’ve heard after.

Mid City’s February release, “Compromise” continues with the hit making!

I previously wrote, Mid City takes indie guitar pop to where The Killers failed to do so, nailing constant guitar driven feel good dance tracks.

That is a hill I’m willing to die on and a statement that I still stand by today.

The four piece of Ben Woodmason (guitar), Jimmy Campbell (bass), Joel Griffith (vocals), and Tim Woodmason (drums) absolutely know how to write a tune that not only makes your head bob but your booty move too.

They have a formula for sing-along anthems of epic proportions and it works every single time.

No matter the song, the lyrics are in perfect sync with what’s happening in the world.

“Compromise” is a lyrically brilliant song about a relationship that is not the best. While the lyrics delve into gaslighting, headgames, and more, the mood of the song is energetic, hyperactive, and supersonic. Joel’s expressive vocals are wonderfully filled with sass and angst.

The lyrics are only one half of the Mid City talent. The other half falls within the music. Jimmy’s bass is insanely hypnotic and is partnered with snappy beats from Tim and bringing the foursome together are the slick riffs from Ben.

Hook after hook, Mid City reels one in with “Compromise” and you’re not going to want them to let you go.

Watch the video for “Compromise” below