WATCH: “Chokehold” by Will Ramos (Sleep Token cover)

Will Ramos’ vocal talent is the reason I fell back in love with metal and heavier vocals. His precision and skill is like no other and only grows and refines with each song he does. Whether he is slaying vocals for his band Lorna Shore or being a guest vocalist for others, Will’s unique voice and insane talent shines through time and time again.

So, when he teased a cover of “Chokehold” by Sleep Token on his socials, I knew it was going to be great.

What I didn’t expect was just how great it was.

With his version of “Chokehold”, Will allows a softer vocal version of himself to shine through. The harsher vocals that Will is known, admired, and loved for are replaced with wonderful gritty and clean vocals. 

I was once again blown away by his voice. This time the precision and skill didn’t lie within how he’s able to twist and pull at his vocal chords to create his harsh ranges but how precise and skilled of a clean singer he is. His clean vocals are as amazing as his harsh vocals.

Enjoy “Chokehold” below

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