LISTEN: “Aria” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh songstress, Bethan Lloyd, has released her fourth single, “Aria” from forthcoming album, Metamorphosis (out on April 7th).

While I still get Bjork vibes from Bethan’s vocals, she is able to create a beautiful experience with “Aria”. Through that experience, I feel that Bethan is more fairy and wood nymph than human and that she’s here to teach the rest of us mere humans how to transcend through her music and lyrics.

Bethan’s connection to the landscapes around her create a unique and wonderful sound and “Aria” is no exception. Written in Bryn Celli Ddu, the song is a tribute to the ancient ones, to gods and sleeping ancestors.

The connection to the land, the music, the lyrics and Bethan’s vocals are magically and often otherworldly and that is what makes listening to Bethan Lloyd so magnificent.

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