DEBUT ALBUM: The Perks Of Being a Hypocrite By Cosmic Crooner

The debut album The Perks of Being a Hypocrite by Europe’s earth angel, Cosmic Crooner, is due out Friday, March 17th and we here at Amplify the Noise were granted an advance listen and well, we are happy to report, the masses will not be disappointed.

Of the album title, Cosmic Crooner says this,

I think we’re all hypocrites. But calling yourself one gives you an unlimited amount of freedom.

The album is filled with 11 songs that range from the vibes like that of Frank Sinatra, Lou Reed, and Chris Issak.

Cosmic Crooner’s voice is the star of the album. It’s smothered and covered in honey, dances with danger, and exudes with sultry romance. He’s pitch perfect, tone perfect, and just perfect. His voice could cause global warming at an epic level, melting the ice caps and flooding the dry lands with the tears of angels from above.  

Of himself, he says,

I’d describe Cosmic Crooner as an emotional observative hedonistic joker. I think every song touches upon different themes and has different topics. However the most important message for me with these songs is to always look for inspiration. I hope in some kind of way this album serves as an inspiration for people who listen to it.

But Cosmic Crooner’s lyrics refuse to let his voice steal all of the spotlight. What I enjoy most about his lyrics are that some are streams of conscious thoughts, others beautiful poems and odes, and some serenades. I do imagine if Cosmic Crooner existed in the heyday of The Beatles, females, males, and everyone in between would be throwing themselves at his feet. Which they could possibly do now. I haven’t had the fortunate chance to see him live so these are assumptions on my part but I’d safe assumptions.

The music of The Perks of Being a Hypocrite is luscious as rich velvet and are dreamy landscapes. Those landscapes are filled with sultry bass, 60’s and 70’s funk, smooth guitars that wail and cry with emotion, and drums that keep the heart in time.

For a debut album Cosmic Crooner has created a swoon worthy masterpiece full of rich vocals, luscious music, and exceptional lyrics.

MUST LISTEN SONGS: “Popsicle Place”, “Goodbye Hollywood”

FAVOURITE SONGS: “Bolero”, “Tema Di Filippo”