HOT TRACK: “Drowning” by Nearly Spent

There is a certain music type that will instantly take me back to my early radio promotion and marketing days of standing in a dust covered parking lot of the local ampthitheatre watching hordes of kids younger than my 20 something and then 30 something self dressed head to toe in black, haired usually a neon green or pink, and enough eyeliner for all the bands that were on the Warped Tour roster that the day.

Nearly Spent is that certain type of music. “Drowning” is that song and goddamn does it satiate my pop punk rock needs.

Halling from Southwest Florida, the four piece band consists of Ryan Vega on vocals, Leo Cartelli on bass, Adam Motta on drums, and Juuzo on guitar.

With “Drowning” the band debuts a more serious side of their music and two new band members, Adam and Juuzo, and the song is their follow up to their sophomore self titled EP.

What I enjoy about Nearly Spent is that glorious pop punk sound. Catchy vocals, anthemic choruses, rocking guitar riffs, fun bass, and ass kicking drums.

Watch the lyric video for “Drowning” below