LISTEN: “Addicted to Misery” by Nat Vazer

Melbourne’s Nat Vazer has released a dreamy and airy confessional with her song “Addicted to Misery” that is from her forthcoming sophomore album that is due out later this year.

Nat says this of “Addicted to Misery”,

The single chronicles a portrait of a time of feeling low, explored through a conversational journey. It’s about feeling powerless to help the one you love and the sense of spiraling through that feeling.

Nat’s vocals are light as feather, dreamy, and airy. There are moments of delicate elegance as she hits higher notes and stunning down to earth tones that are rich and deep. The way she manipulates her voice between the two allows the poignant lyrics to shine through.

While the song might be about feeling powerless, Nat Vazer has stepped into her power with “Addicted to Misery”.

Watch the video for “Addicted to Misery” below

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If you’re in the US, catch Nat on tour:

March 17 SXSW Lucille’s Sounds, Austin, TX 
March 18 Quarry House Tavern, Washington DC
March 19 The Crown, Baltimore, MD 
March 23 Pet Shop, Jersey City, NJ 
March 25 Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn, NY 
March 26 Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA