Hailing from Detroit, meet LoudFoxCult

Founded by Isaac Thorne (vocals, guitars), Jackson Ciavattone (bass, lyricist), and Austin Kadlitz (guitars), the trio have been making music together since 2018.

Having released a handful of songs between 2018 and 2022, LoudFoxCult released their debut EP, Cult Classic in January this year.

Of the EP, the band says

These five songs are the culmination of years of intense preparation and plenty of hard work, proving to be our best tracks to date. Recorded at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, Massachusetts, this project aims to speak to its audience from beginning to end and offer a cathartic, formative listening experience to whomever chooses to enjoy it.

The 5 song EP has an early 2000’s alt-rock vibe like that of early Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182. While the band may not have been born in 2000 or even 2001, their sound fits perfectly in that era. Despite being on the cusp of being in their twenties, the gents are cohesive, tight, and harmonious. Qualities that usually take years upon years and hours upon hours of playing together. The trio have managed to find that synchronicity relatively quick for a young band.

Cult Classic is a solid debut album with infectious riffs and beats. LoudFoxCult is only going to grow exponentially from here!

Get in early on the cult that is LoudFoxCult. Listen to Cult Classic below