WATCH: “Angel of Love” by Eamonn McCormack

Eamonn McCormack has released his third and final single from his self titled album. The single, “Angel of Love” is the ultimate doomsday ballad.

Eamonn says this of the song,

I’m really not great when it comes to repressing this fear, so writing songs is my way of coping. The scenario of a potential world war, the fear that it can instill in us…That has changed drastically. Previously tucked away in the hearts and minds of people who spent their time in the eighties, and under the burden of the cold war, this fear has now found its way into the psyche of the youngest in our societies, as recent surveys suggest. It pains me to see that Angel of Love now speaks to them, too, and in a way that shouldn’t be!

Watch “Angel of Love” below