REVIEW: Spring Break 2095 by Animals On TV

When I was growing up, MTV actually aired music videos and music news…then came the reality MTV shows…after that I saw less and less videos and less and less music related things on the site. I couldn’t tell you what they air now. I haven’t turned on MTV since 2015 which was the last time I had cable television.

Animals on TV takes a poke at the network with their 3 song EP, Spring Break 2095.

Specifically, Spring Break 2095 pays homage to the early 80’s – late 00’s of the network when it was filled with reality TV, pop culture, and celebrities.

The band says this of the era,

The further away from it we get, the weirder it looks.

What I enjoy about the EP is that it looks at the past, present, and future of what many of us grew up with. Each generation viewing the network in the heyday for their generation.

“MTV 2095” for me is the future – the vocals are filled with various levels and quantities of auto tune. The music has a space, robotic, futuristic vibe. The music would easily make it a 2095 pop song trying to lyrically explain the nostalgia of what MTV was back in the day.

The vibe of the present dances within the lyrics of “MTV 3”. The music feels more organic and raw and less shiny and polished and the lyrics align with the current mood of times.

And finally, “MTV 2” reminds me of the past. I’ve been listening to music for a long time, and this song gives me vibes of yesteryears when artists wrote their own music and songs and the same artists had to play those songs live. I enjoy the jazzy blues vibes of the music and the swagger in the vocals and lyrics.

Animals on TV and Spring Break 2095 is good solid fun!

Listen to Spring Break 2095

Watch here “MTV 2095”